Is it Homeowner Maintenance OR Limited Homeowner Warranty Issue?

Here are some examples to guide you

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Diligent maintenance of your home is an important element of homeownership that will protect your investment over time. If you are questioning whether or not an issue with your home is a general responsibility, homeowner maintenance, or a warranty item, here are some examples to help guide you.

Homeowner Maintenance

  • Regular Interior & Exterior Caulking Maintenance
  • Changing HVAC Filters & Vacuuming Air Vents Regularly
  • Paint Touch-up from Normal Wear & Tear
  • Sealing Grout & Repairing Grout Cracks
  • Proper Landscape Watering & Yard Maintenance
  • Adjusting Your Sprinkler Heads to Maintain Adequate Coverage
  • Damaged Sprinkler Lines From Improper Winterization
  • Disconnecting Hose from Exterior Hose Bib(s) & Blowing Out Sprinklers (Prior to First Freeze)
  • Concrete Cracks, Efflorescence & Frost Heaving
  • Rodent or Insect Issues


Homeowner Warranty

  • Appliances
    (Per Manufacturer Warranty)
  • Door Adjustments
  • Non-functioning Heating or Air Conditioning Systems
  • Water Leak at the Supply Line
  • Sprinkler System Not Working

What is Not Warrantable?

For a comprehensive explanation of your home warranty coverage, please reference your Limited Warranty and Performance Standards Manual provided to you during your home orientation. And as always, please feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have.

We would like to thank Project Coordinator, Elena Farley, for her professionalism and assistance in helping us with all aspects of our new home. Elena played a crucial role in helping us with a difficult situation that required coordination with many sub-contractors and repairs. Elena stood by us and saw our situation through. This reflected very well on Berkeley Building Co. as a whole and we deeply appreciate her efforts.

John Meyer
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We bought a Berkeley home last year and my husband I just continue to be impressed by them!! Today they came and fixed a plumbing issue. I know they didn’t have to because our warranty had passed the year mark, but they still came and were so kind. Thanks for being there for us Berkeley!!

Kelly Harr
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